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Why pay so much for an Apple Lightening cable?

Why pay so much for an Apple Lightening cable?

We all do it.  You gasp when you see how much a Lightening cable costs to charge your iPhone.  In defiance we all go walk into a drug store or other stores and pick up a cheap cable that works for a few weeks and then stops working, and we get really annoyed.   No one wants to spend $20.00 for a cable!   You need one for your car, one for your desk at work and probably one on your night stand.  Don’t most of use our phones as alarm clocks now?   Well, come to find out some of that cost is because of how complicated the actual cable is.   There are actually 12 microchips in that little booger!  Check it out!

Thunderbolt insider

However after reading Matthew Pogue’s blog  you CAN find a cheaper “Apple Certified” cable.  Thank you Amazon for making an Apple Certified Lightening cable in 3 sizes the longest being the 6 foot cable at $8.79!!  Stop spending too much money for your cables!  Here’s a link to buy the cables off of Amazon!

How to Set Location Based Reminders in iOS Devices

Have you ever gone to the store and then forgot what you went there for?   What about thinking, I really need to remember to do this when I get home?!!!!  iOS has location based reminders that can help you with this!!!!

Go into your Reminders App in your iOS device.


When you open it up you may or may not have reminders in here.  I put grocery shopping lists, work lists and things I need to remember here.  Create a new list by clicking on the plus + sign.


I’m going to create a new list called:  Get Milk.


Add an item to your list, get milk.  Then click on the Icon icon.


Then push the on button at “Remind me at a location”


Then select the location you want to remember this at, you can type in the name of a store, or an address.  Then select when you want it to remind you, “When I arrive, or when I Leave”


After you have chosen your location and when you want it to remind you, select Done.

Then it will remind you when you arrive or leave a location!   Pretty cool huh?

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