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Ignore Annoying Reply-All Conversations in Office 2010, 2013 and 365!

Don’t you hate it when you are in an email group and several people feel compelled to hit “Reply All” instead of just “Reply”?  There is a really super simple way to take care of this. It’s not a new feature either!   I learned about this feature after our local Dell Rep was complaining about getting “Reply All’s” from thousands of people all in the same email group.   He was getting hundreds of messages a day!

Open up that original email or any one of the annoying reply’s that you no longer want to see.   If you look in the upper left hand corner you’ll see an ignore button.  Click on it and now any reply to that email will automatically be deleted!   See image below for a visual.

ignore conversations

Now you won’t have to read any more replies about me emailing a picture of Barry Manilow and our scan to email functioning properly.  For the record I still love Barry Manilow and I’m not being sarcastic!!!





Office 365’s “Clutter” Feature

We’ve recently upgraded to Office 365 and a new feature has been added that I’m sure some have noticed and some have not.   If you look in your under your inbox under the favorites column on the left hand side of your screen.    It will simple say “Clutter”.


As you can see by this picture there is 1 new message in there explaining what Clutter is.  We all do it, you sign up for a newsletter that is really full of awesome information but you don’t have time to read it everyday.   Outlook will “learn” what messages you read and are important to you. Messages like that awesome newsletter you receive daily may end up in this box called Clutter.  This way your inbox is filled with the most important emails and then when you have a spare minute you can go into your clutter box and see your awesome newsletters or whatever else might be in there. (You know emails from people you are avoiding!)   Make sure to check in this box frequently because as Microsoft states in this message, they can get it wrong and something important could end up in there!!!!

If you would like to disable this feature, near the bottom of that message, there is link that says “go to Options”.   Click on that and log into the Office 365 portal, uncheck the box that says: “Separate items identified as clutter” and then click the Save button just above the word Clutter.



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