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How to Make Your Passwords More Secure!

Passwords are getting easier and easier to crack.  Here is a list of the top 20 worst passwords:  I’m still astounded that people are STILL using 123456, password, qwerty, abc123 and letmein.  Come on people, you’re killing me!!!!!!

NEVER use 1234567 or password.   (If you are doing this, I may have to come over and give you a verbal beating!)

It should never be your name, or something easy for someone to guess, like your kids name.

We all know that we all have too many passwords to remember!

Your password should be at least 7 characters long, have numbers, some symbol like * or @, a capital letter and a small letter.  However even these can be hacked more easily these days, especially if your password is something like @AmyEwald1.   Which mine is defintely NOT that!

I was reading an article the InfoSec Reading room and they had some good suggestions like using SFSP.  Secret Code & Memory Cue

For instance if there is a word you like to use (and I’m not thinking 4 letter words…I know some of you were thinking that!)….look at your telephone keypad, spell out that word on the keypad on your phone.   Then add a capital letter that means something to you in the front or back and put a small letter or word in the back that means something to you.  In between the numbers and letters and that funny symbol you like to use.

For instance if I decided to use my last name (which I NEVER do), the first two letters of my birth month and the first letter of my mom’s maiden name, then add the @ or the # symbols.

You can also substitute numbers for letters.   Like 1 for the letter I, or 0 (zero) for O.  3 for E, 5 for S, 8 for B.  See where we are headed???

Hope this helps you come up with new more secure passwords!

Edit PDF’s in Office 365

Finally!   You can edit PDF’s in Word in Office 365, however the document has to have been created in a Microsoft Office document.   More than likely when you open it, it won’t look 100% like it did in Adobe, so don’t be surprised by this.

It’s super simple to do as well.   Here’s how you do it.  Find your PDF and right click on it, an option to open in Word should show up on the pop up menu, like below:


That will open up the PDF in Word and will give you this dialog box:


Select OK, and the PDF will open in Word.   Here’s what it looks like (I used a very simple document, if there were a lot of graphics in this it probably wouldn’t look this pretty!)


Now I can type whatever I want into the document, like so:


You can even save this or any Word document as a PDF too!  Go to the File menu and select Save As, it will bring up this dialog box:


Under Save as Type, select the drop down menu and select PDF.


Underneath you can see where you can pick a level of optimization.  Then click the save button and you are all set!



Disable Alerts that Ring in the Night

So, last night we were scared awake by an Amber Alert. While I think Amber Alerts are extremely helpful, when a feature on my iPhone scares me, my husband, my 3 year old and makes my dog bark for 10 minutes at 2 a.m, not so much!   I know many people complained that they were frightened awake this feature.   You can disable if so chose.

Here’s how to do it on the iPhone, go into Settings, Notifications and then scroll down all the way to the bottom of the list of apps.  You will see Amber Alerts and Emergency Alerts, you can choose to shut these off.   See photo below:





Out of Office 365 Feature

There are two ways you can update your Out of Office (OOF) with Office 365.  You can go into Outlook and go to the File tab.  Select Automatic Replies:


That will bring up this screen.


As you will notice you can schedule your automatic replies to start on a certain date and even the time.   You can also schedule them to end on a specific date and time.  You can customize what is sent inside your organization and outside of your organization.  Once you’ve done all that select okay and you’re ready to go.

However sometimes this is an after thought and you get home and think “Dog gone it I forgot to set up my Out of Office.”  You can set this up from home from your computer, your phone or your iPad so long as you have an internet connection!

Login to the portal with your user name and password.  It will ask you for your user name and password.  These should be the same as the ones you use to login to your computer in the morning.


Go into the Mail App, at the bottom left of the screen shown here.  This will open up Outlook Online.

Then go to the top right hand of the screen and click on the gear or settings icon, as shown here.  It will bring a drop down menu up, then select Automatic replies.


This has the same capabilities and settings that your Outlook does, just on the web!

Fill the form out the way you would as I stated above and then select OK at the to left of the drop down and your set!






Change Your Profile Picture in Office 365

So, you aren’t entirely thrilled with your Office 365 picture:

Could I BE pastier

Could I BE pastier????  (probably!)  What was I thinking when I put on that lipstick????

or it’s set to the beloved default:


It’s very easy to change your default picture in Office365!   Simply go into Outlook and go to the File Menu Tab.

It should look like this:

Screen shot of Account Information

See where the default picture is and the blue word saying Change, click on it.  It will have you log into your Office365 account.

On the right hand side of your screen you should see the picture you want to change.  Upload photo

Select Upload Photo.  Then it will bring up files on your computer.  Find the picture you wish to put in it’s place and then select it and upload it.  Then when you are done, hit the Save button on the top right of the picture.



Then your new improved photo will show up!




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