Tech Tip Thursday: Shut Off “In App” Purchases

Make sure if you have children using your phone that you disable their ability to purchase “In app” purchases.

On iOS go to your settings icon, and scroll down to the general button. Scroll down to Restrictions and click on it.  It will ask you for your restrictions passcode.   There is a list of things you can disable by default.   You can shut off In App Purchases about mid-way through the screen.  It should look like this.

In App Purchases 1

For Android devices you cannot really shut off the “in app” purchases, but you can protect them by putting in a PIN code.   Just make sure it’s something only you and your spouse knows, and something our kids can’t guess!!!     To do this you would go to Google Play, go into the Menu and select Settings, like below:

In App Purchases 2

When the settings screen comes up, scroll down to Password to restrict purchases.  It will then ask you for a password and to confirm your password.  Then anytime someone tries to buy something from your device, you will need that password to purchase the item.






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I’m a wife and mother of a 4 ½-year-old daughter. I’ve worked in the IT industry as a Systems Administrator for over 15 years. I experienced my first migraine at age 11. My migraines have progressively grown in frequency and within the last 6 months, I was diagnosed with a chronic migraine. Last month I only had 6 pain-free days. In my pain-free time, I write two blogs, one to educate everyday computer users with Tech Tips,, My other blog is dedicated to helping migraine sufferers, I also enjoy, walking, yoga, writing, reading and spending time with my family. I'm currently writing and illustrating a children's book for parents with migraines to help their children understand the problem and how they can help!

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