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Deleting Blank Pages from Word 2013!

This is a question I get quite frequently.  Users get very frustrated that they cannot easily delete a page.  Here’s how you do it!

You can click delete at the end of the page before the blank page.

If that doesn’t work go up to the home tab and look for the paragraph symbol which looks like this: ¶  It will show you all the paragraphs or spaces you have put into the document that could be causing the extra page. If there are lots of spaces or paragraphs that are blank, select them all and delete them.

If that your page still won’t delete then go to the view tab and look for the navigation pane choice and select it.   The Navigation pane will pop up on the left-hand side of the screen.  Scroll through your pages and find the blank page.   Select that page and either hit the delete key on your keyboard.

Here’s a video I created:

Always look for hidden tables too!  Those mess up people too!

However I have to say, after writing this article, I found a video by Ninja 365 that is way better at showing you this.

I have to defer to their wisdom on this one.  AWESOME VIDEO:  Link Here—>  Ninja365!






Protect Yourself at the Pump!!!

As you are aware there are horrible people out there who are constantly trying to steal your credit/debit card information!  Most of us don’t usually carry cash, we tend to use our debit card for everything,so here come the criminals!

I’ve been seeing a lot of news reports about protecting yourself at the pump.   So, this is basically a summary of what I’ve seen.   It’s very EASY and FAST to install these little devices into the gas pumps.  You don’t even see them, b/c they install them on the INSIDE of the credit card computer in the pump!  It looks like this:

Credit Skimmer-from Krebs on Security  This picture can be found with an accompanying article with more details at

Apparently the thieves can obtain some universal key that opens up the gas pump here:

skimmersecuritysticker (1)

As you can see this gas station actually has a security seal on it.  This is something to allow US and them to know if this pump has been tampered with.  As you can see this one says VOID- which means it HAS been tampered with.  Also if the seal is broken or cut, it’s been tampered with.

Here is an excellent news report showing how it is done, and how to avoid it!




Sync your OneNote with your OneDrive

Now you want to sync your OneNote with OneDrive so that you have access to this info anywhere you go!   Open up One Note and click on the File Tab:


When you switch to the File Tab Menu, it will look like this:

One Note Sync 2

Click on Settings, there is a drop down menu and Sync with the green circle and arrows.   Select that button.  It will sync up with your One Drive once that is set up.   To set that up, 365Ninja Blog has excellent instructions accompanied by a video that you can find here:

365 Ninja!

Office 365 One Note Screen Clippings

The next couple of weeks I’m going to be writing about Microsoft One Note, it is a competitor to Evernote.    Some things it does better than Evernote, and other things Evernote does better.

For instance, you can sync all your notes to your One Drive with One Note with an Office 365 subscription and have 1 Terabyte of storage space!  Evernote you have to pay for more space.  One Note can do Screen Clippings, Web Clippings, hold notes from meetings, it allows you to draw or physically write with a stylus notes and much more.

Today we will be learning about Screen Clippings.

This is the icon you will need to open:   one note

When you open up One Note it opens up another little icon that you will find on your start menu toolbar One Note 3.   Click on this icon and it will bring up this menu:

One Note Screen Clippins

As you can see, the left button says Screen Clipping.  If you click on this, it will allow you to pick an area of your screen to clip.   See the video below that shows you what happens when you click Screen Clippings and saving it to  One Note.

Screen Clipping Video





Changing Your Password in Office365

You log into your computer, it tells you that you need to change your password.   You change your password and you go about your business.   You open Outlook and you have some email, then about 2 hours later, you suddenly you realize, “Hey, I haven’t gotten any email since 8:10 a.m. this morning, surely this cannot be right!”   It reminds me of this cartoon.


Why am I not getting my email? So, now how do I get my email?   It’s because your password needs to be updated in Office365 as well!  How do I do this you ask?  Simply close Outlook.   Re-open Outlook and a pop up box should come up.  DO NOT IGNORE IT OR CLICK CANCEL!!!!   Put in your user name and your new password and tick the box that says ” Remember my Credentials”






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