Remove QuickTime From Your Systems!

In case you haven’t heard, Apple is discontinuing QuickTime Updates for Windows.  There are currently known security flaws in it, so you should uninstall QuickTime from your Windows computers.   HOWEVER, if you are running Adobe Creative Cloud, you may need to keep it on your computer a little while longer because it will breakContinue reading “Remove QuickTime From Your Systems!”

Reducing Blue Light to Help Migraines and Get Better Sleep!

As a migraine sufferer, I know that I’m particularly sensitive to light.  Fluorescent lights, LED lights and the sunlight are the main offenders.   I have been able to reduce my pain from getting worse by buying some blue blocking glasses. There are some glasses that are specifically designed for migraines however I have foundContinue reading “Reducing Blue Light to Help Migraines and Get Better Sleep!”

Where Did My Toolbar Go in Office 365?

Have you ever accidentally clicked something and all of a sudden your toolbar thingy disappears. It’s actually is not called a toolbar, but a ribbon. It looks like this: Then “ooops” what did I just do that ribbon thing is gone! Before you panic, it’s an EASY fix!   See the View button on theContinue reading “Where Did My Toolbar Go in Office 365?”