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iOS 10 Lock Screen Widgets: How to Turn Them Off

A new feature with iOS10 was the introductions of notification widgets on your lock screen.   They look something like this.


Now some of these widgets can be helpful or they may annoy you completely!   There are two ways going about getting rid of these!   The first is to stop them all together!

First on your home screen go into Settings.


Then look for the Touch ID and Passcode options and select it.


That will bring up this screen, look for Today View and Notification View.   If they are both green that means they are turned on.  Press the button until they turn white and that shuts off all those widgets.


Now, perhaps you like some of those notifications there is a way to shut off some of them! Go to your home screen and lock your phone.   Swipe to the right once and these widgets should show up.


Scroll down to the bottom of this screen and you will find an edit button at the bottom.


Once you hit the edit button this screen will appear.


If you notice the red circle with the line through it on the left, click on it.  It will bring a slide screen from the right that says remove.  Hit remove and poof it’s gone!   Up Next will let you know what is next in your schedule on your calendar.  The one I have selected is Calendar and that will remove any calendar widgets showing up on your home/locked screen.


This is also where you can add more widgets.  I like APPY Geek because it alerts me to the latest tech news!



Recording an Outgoing Voicemail with the Avaya 9608 Phone

Here is how you record an outgoing message with your Avaya 9608 Phone.

Microsoft’s Creators Update Looks Super Awesome!!!

Have you ever used Microsoft Paint and thought, “Eh”?  It’s about to get super cool!  The Creator’s Update is due out this spring and you are going to want to download and install this update as soon as possible. Paint will now enable you to edit pictures in 3D!!!!  You can send these images to Microsoft and have them printed in 3D!!!! You can take a picture with according to Microsoft any phone with 3D app, and put it into paint.  Watch this amazing video and you will see why you NEED this update!

Do you have a Microsoft Hololens?  No?  I didn’t think I need or wanted one either until I saw them take a chair and make it a hologram and put it in your house so you can see what it will look like in your house!  Check out this video and see another awesome feature coming with the Creators Edition update which is FREE for Windows 10 users!

If you would like to see what other cool features are coming to Windows 10 Creators Update, check out their site!

They will now be giving Apple a run for their money with this update and their new Surface Studio Computer.   Anyone want to start a GoFundMe page for me so that I can buy one of these?

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