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Google Docs Phishing Attack-How To Protect Yourself

As many of your heard, there is a new phishing scam out there and it has to do with Google Docs.   Unless you are 100% positive that the document is in fact real, do NOT open it.   The best part of it is, an ethical hacker by the name of Eugene Pupov claims he did it by mistake.   Whether it was a mistake or not, the emails come mostly from a domain named    They look like this:


What does the attack do?  It asks you to grant permission to your email, and if you accept it can go through your email and and find your contacts and send it out to more people from your account.  It will look like it came from you, so be aware of any emails you may get from people you know.  If you are remotely unsure if that email you received from a person you know has a Google Doc attached to it, send them a separate email asking them if they actually sent you a document.  They may be infected and not know it!  If they are infected tell them they need to notify people!

How can you protect yourself?   Be suspicious of ANY email that looks like it could be a phishing attack.  If you are wondering what that looks like, check out my previous blog article here.   Do NOT authorize any apps to have permission to your gmail account.  Check to see what apps already have authorization to your Google account and if they don’t look like something you accepted remove access.  There is an article on how to do this on Google’s website here.   They have addressed the issue and if you think you have been affected, please click here to find out what Google advises you do to correct the issue.






What is Sway?


Sway is a program included in Office 365, just login into your Office 365 account! Sway is a new presentation program brought to us by Microsoft.

You can create a website in a presentation format using images, text, and other media. It’s very user-friendly! Much easier to use than most people would find PowerPoint is to use

You can embed these into a website and upload them to YouTube as well.

A great beginners tutorial has already been created by Teacher’s Tech.

Twitter Hacked!

Twitter was hacked using Chrome and Firefox malware infected browsers.   However according to @Leakedsource the passwords that were hacked are ridiculous.  Come on people, come up with better passwords.   I got this from table from   People, please make your passwords harder to guess!!!!!!!!!  In the year 2016 people are STILL using 123456 and password!!!  Shame on you!!!!!


Rank Password Frequency
1 123456 120,417
2 123456789 32,775
3 qwerty 22,770
4 password 17,471
5 1234567 14,401
6 1234567890 13,799
7 12345678 13,380
8 123321 13,161
9 111111 12,138
10 12345 11,239
11 123123 11,099
12 9-11-1961 10,444
13 9111961 10,231
14 000000 10,124
15 666666 9,264
16 555555 8,586
17 1q2w3e4r5t 8,386
18 654321 8,358
19 1234 8,257
20 gfhjkm 7,773
21 7777777 7,659
22 222222 6,696
23 cepetsugih 6,603
24 777777 6,539
25 999999 6,428
26 112233 6,398
27 1q2w3e4r 6,178
28 888888 5,784
29 333333 5,772
30 qwerty123 5,666
31 iloveyou 5,443
32 exigent 5,355
33 159753 5,063
34 123qwe 4,934
35 abc123 4,816
36 qwertyuiop 4,797
37 1qaz2wsx 4,753
38 1q2w3e 4,493
39 qqww1122 4,244
40 pakistan 4,001
41 987654321 3,926
42 qwe123 3,597
43 samsung 3,351
44 q1w2e3r4 3,271
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