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What is Sway?


Sway is a program included in Office 365, just login into your Office 365 account! Sway is a new presentation program brought to us by Microsoft.

You can create a website in a presentation format using images, text, and other media. It’s very user-friendly! Much easier to use than most people would find PowerPoint is to use

You can embed these into a website and upload them to YouTube as well.

A great beginners tutorial has already been created by Teacher’s Tech.

Email to Text with Office 365

Did you know that if you are waiting for a VERY important email message to come through you can have Office 365 send it via a text message???   Pretty cool, huh?   For instance, I use it in the IT world for our battery back up units on our servers.  If our building loses power, I get an email telling me this.   However if I’m not constantly monitoring my work email like at 3 a.m., I can get a text message letting me know this.  When I receive this text at 3 a.m. here’s what I look like:

text at 3 am

I’m not responsible if you need therapy after seeing this picture of me from 3 a.m!

Here’s how you do it!  You have to login into the Office Portal for your office.  Once you’ve successfully done that, open up Mail and it will open up Outlook Online.

email to text

On the left hand side of the screen,  where is says folders, select More.

email to text 2

That will bring up this screen:

email to text 3

Look under the General Tab and select Text messaging.  This will bring you to the next screen.

email to text 4

Select the Edit text message settings.  That will bring up this display.

email to text 5

Select what country you live in, and your mobile phone provider.   Then click on the next button.

email to text 6

Enter your phone number and then select the next button.  It will then send you a text message to that phone and you will have to enter a verification number into this to complete the setup.

email to text 7

It will bring up this box, select Set up email notifications using an Inbox Rule.

email to text 8

In my case the words included in the subject or body works.  However if you need it to be from a specific email address, or any of the above options, please select those.

email to text 9

email to text 10

I put test as my words or phrases then hit the plus sign to add it to the list.

email to text 11

Once it’s a complete list, select OK!

email to text 12

At the very top select OK and you are all set!!!













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