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What is Sway?


Sway is a program included in Office 365, just login into your Office 365 account! Sway is a new presentation program brought to us by Microsoft.

You can create a website in a presentation format using images, text, and other media. It’s very user-friendly! Much easier to use than most people would find PowerPoint is to use

You can embed these into a website and upload them to YouTube as well.

A great beginners tutorial has already been created by Teacher’s Tech.

Chatting or Skype Etiquette

Someone in our office brought up a very good point recently, what is the proper business etiquette for Skype or for chatting in general?   So, I decided to do some research on this.

1. Ask the person first to make sure they are available. Look at the icon next to their name, and see what color it is.  They could be busy or away from their desk.   They may also be in a meeting and sharing their screen on a television. Keep that in mind before you say something that could get you in trouble!


2. If it’s a video chat, ask for permission first.  Not everyone likes video chats.

3. If you are doing a video chat, be aware of your body language and your personal grooming. (ex: below)

text at 3 am

4. Give that person your undivided attention.  Do not read other emails, or surf the internet.  It is also best to only hold one chat at a time as it is very easy to get confused to whom you are talking to.

5. Be aware of what the camera will be showing in the background of your video chat.  Remove anything distracting or inappropriate! (ex: below)


6.  Make sure your desk is clean if the camera is showing it.

7.  Make sure you end the chat, just don’t click the X and escape.  Make sure you tell the other person, you need to go and tell them bye. The same on the phone, for some reason many people think you can just hang up and it leaves the person wondering….”Were we done?”



Share Notes with OneNote Within One Drive

You can share your notes on a project or document with One Note, so long as it is saved in your One Drive!    To save a note to your One Drive, open up One Note.   You can create a new notebook and it will ask you where you would like to create it.

Name New Notebook

Select New>OneDrive   Then it will bring a window up wanting to know what you want to name it.  Name it and then click create.

After you’ve created the new notebook, it will prompt you to Invite People.   Select Invite People.

One Note Invite People

This following screen will come up and ask you to type names or email addresses to share it with.  Type all email addresses, then the box right after that allows you to assign different permissions.  Here I have allowed “Can Edit” on it. Then select the Share button.

Share One Note

Then it sends an email to the users you shared it with and they can open it and work on it at the same time you are!!!  It’s pretty awesome!!!

Record Audio Notes in One Note AND Record Notes on Your Phone and Airdrop Them to One Note!

Ironically late due to technical difficulties!  LOL!  The new mirroring software I was using needed some tweaking!

Taking Meeting Notes with One Note

Sync your OneNote with your OneDrive

Now you want to sync your OneNote with OneDrive so that you have access to this info anywhere you go!   Open up One Note and click on the File Tab:


When you switch to the File Tab Menu, it will look like this:

One Note Sync 2

Click on Settings, there is a drop down menu and Sync with the green circle and arrows.   Select that button.  It will sync up with your One Drive once that is set up.   To set that up, 365Ninja Blog has excellent instructions accompanied by a video that you can find here:

365 Ninja!

Office 365 One Note Screen Clippings

The next couple of weeks I’m going to be writing about Microsoft One Note, it is a competitor to Evernote.    Some things it does better than Evernote, and other things Evernote does better.

For instance, you can sync all your notes to your One Drive with One Note with an Office 365 subscription and have 1 Terabyte of storage space!  Evernote you have to pay for more space.  One Note can do Screen Clippings, Web Clippings, hold notes from meetings, it allows you to draw or physically write with a stylus notes and much more.

Today we will be learning about Screen Clippings.

This is the icon you will need to open:   one note

When you open up One Note it opens up another little icon that you will find on your start menu toolbar One Note 3.   Click on this icon and it will bring up this menu:

One Note Screen Clippins

As you can see, the left button says Screen Clipping.  If you click on this, it will allow you to pick an area of your screen to clip.   See the video below that shows you what happens when you click Screen Clippings and saving it to  One Note.

Screen Clipping Video





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