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What is Sway?


Sway is a program included in Office 365, just login into your Office 365 account! Sway is a new presentation program brought to us by Microsoft.

You can create a website in a presentation format using images, text, and other media. It’s very user-friendly! Much easier to use than most people would find PowerPoint is to use

You can embed these into a website and upload them to YouTube as well.

A great beginners tutorial has already been created by Teacher’s Tech.

Tech Tip Thursday: Is It Still Safe To Eat???

Using tech to save ourselves from food borne illnesses!   We all know there are expiration dates on food. My personal favorite “best if purchased by”    ?!@$#*$!@#?  However, a lot of those are just suggestions, and then what about the stuff with no expiration date, like that chicken I cooked last week????

So, there is a one web site with a database of all this information!

So much to my husband’s dismay cooked chicken is not still good after 2 weeks in the fridge.



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